“Cats against cat-calls” by Starchild Stela

who is this person and how do I make them my best friend

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The man pictured with Nimoy and Shatner was one of “only three black employees on the whole [Desilu] lot…Nichelle Nichols, [him]self, and the guy who had the food truck—who closed it up after lunch and then shined shoes.” (full story here)

His name is Charles Washburn and he is the first ever African American to be Assistant Director in Hollywood, he was also the first African-American to apply and graduate from the Directors Guild of America Assistant Directors Training Program.

He passed away earlier this year. 

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The posters read:

“Stop struggling. You’re starting to piss me off. It’s your fault that I have to do this. If you weren’t a dyke I wouldn’t have to hurt you. You deserve pain for forcing me to fix you.”

“Maybe you should have stayed in the closet.”

Police Officer after questioning me.

Photographed in Chicago, IL on September 27th

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Millions of Americans with disabilities have gained innumerable rights and opportunities since Congress passed landmark legislation on their behalf in 1990. And yet advocates say barriers and bias still abound when it comes to one basic human right: To be a parent.

The National Council on Disability recently released a report covering how the U.S. legal system is not properly protecting the rights of parents with disabilities: most states allowing courts to determine that a parent is unfit on the very basis of having a disability. NCD says that terminating parental rights for this reason “clearly violates” what 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act stands for.

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In 1808, Napoleon, running out of scenic holiday destinations to invade, somehow totally forgot about his neighbor to the south, Spain. So that year he dispatched his troops, kicking off the Peninsular War.

Only 20 years old and working as a barmaid in the town of Valdepenas, Juana Galan was not expecting a surge of French soldiers to come storming through her village. But on June 6, that’s exactly what happened. At that time, most of the men were fighting Napoleon’s forces elsewhere in the nation. Juana, unfazed by things like rifles and Frenchmen and French riflemen, began organizing the women in her village to form a trap for the approaching army.

When the army arrived, Juana and her friends were ready. They dumped boiling water and oil on the French troops, which by all accounts will instantly take the fight out of pretty much anyone. Then Juana, armed with only a batan, beat back the heavily armed French cavalry with her squad of village women, almost none of whom were armed with guns.

The French retreated, giving up on capturing not just Juana’s town but the entire province of La Mancha, leading to ultimate Spanish victory. Today, she is seen in Spain as a national hero, a symbol of resistance, strength, patriotism, feminism and hitting shit with a stick.


That’s one hell of a portrait.

hitting shit with a stick

This is maybe the best portrait of anyone that I’ve ever seen, ever.

Badass AND strikingly beautiful.

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Asian women are exposed to British racism even before they arrive in Britain. To gain entry permission they have had to go through long and rigorous interviews in the British Embassies in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They have had to undergo the ordeal of answering absurd and very intimate questions about themselves, their husbands and their families. Questions such as ‘How long did you spend with your husband on the wedding night?’ are common, and if either partner makes the slightest misjudgement then entry permission is refused. In 1978, there was an exposé of the vaginal examinations carried out on Asian women to determine whether they were married or not, and to determine whether they were fiancées of men already settled in England. This was not a new phenomenon; complaints had previously been lodged against the Home Office but without any results. It was only when the liberal press had taken it up as a moral and sensational issue that there was some publicity. Examinations to ‘prove’ whether a woman is a virgin can only be seen as acts of violence and intimidation by the British state.

This ‘testing’ is based on the racist and sexist assumption that Asian women from the subcontinent are always virgins before they get married and that it is ‘not in their culture for women to engage in sexual activity before marriage’. This kind of absurd generalization is based on the same stereotype of the submissive, meek and tradition-bound Asian woman. Many Asian people are also given chest X-rays before they enter the country to ‘ensure that they are not carrying any serious and contagious disease’. These are also used to prove the identity of people wishing to settle in Britain. X-rays on pregnant Asian women have been carried out by untrained entry clearance officers in Dacca. X-rays are only ever carried out on pregnant women in ‘exceptional circumstances when either the child or the mother’s life is believed to be at risk’. The fact that the immigration officers administer them quite haphazardly on pregnant Asian women is only one example of the racism not only of individual officers but also the structural and institutional racism of the British state. Such practices also indicate the direct control the state is attempting to have on Asian women’s sexuality.
Pratibha Parmar’s essay “Gender, race and class: Asian women in resistance” from The Empire Strikes Back: Race and Racism in 70s Britain  (via abstractverses)

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get yourself talking! get yourself tested :)

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Think about it.

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A woman’s beauty is supposed to be her grand project and constant insecurity. We’re meant to shellac our lips with five different glosses, but always think we’re fat. Beauty is Zeno’s paradox. We should endlessly strive for it, but it’s not socially acceptable to admit we’re there. We can’t perceive it in ourselves. It belongs to the guy screaming “nice tits.”
Molly Crabapple, “The World of a Professional Naked Girl” (via delacroix)

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